Water is an essential substance for human life, but it can be a disaster for homes. When it comes to this, water damage can cause a real headache for homeowners, in both cases, when it happens and the consequences that leave afterward. Depend in on the leak, whether it’s food or faucet leaking, this type of damage can cause big health and safety issues. Below is our list of things “to do” after the flood occurs.

Stop the leaking

When the flood occurs, you need to be able to find the cause. Maybe you have leaking pipes or heater failure. It is of vital importance that you stop the flow of the water. If you can’t determine the cause, call for expert help because in some cases your life may depend on it. Your house or premises must be secured before you start with the restoration.

Turn off the electricity

If your home suffered a flood, it is important to cut off the gas and electricity. If you are facing major food damage, this is an essential thing, but for small leaks, it is not necessary. Keep in mind that electricity is extremely dangerous, and if you aren’t skilled enough, do not touch it. All electrical wires need to be insulated. Be aware of the water before you stand in it, maybe some wire is already in there, and that is a life threatening situation. Call for expert help, if you aren’t sure what to do.

Secure your things

Before you start with the cleaning, try to secure everything that isn’t affected by the water. Maybe there is stuff you can still save. Make sure to take all your important possessions as well as valuable items. Such as jewelry, pictures, and electronics.

Get rid of the water

Remember, the longer water stays in your home, the bigger damage it will make. As soon as you secure everything, try to use a pump to drain the water. When you are working in the flooded area, make sure to protect yourself. Rubber gear is essential because dirty water is full of bacteria. After you pump the water, use the strongest chemicals to disinfect the area.