With any water damage situation people tend to be anxious, no one likes ruined house due to water. Some of us aren’t skilled in dealing with floods and they like to wait for experts to arrive. But, before they come, there are still things you can do to ease their work. And don’t worry, these things aren’t dangerous for you. We have prepared a small guide with the essential procedure for you to do.

Focus on safety

This is the most important issue, ask yourself if your house is safe enough? Deal with the electricity problem. Turn it off before you start with any works because these can be very hazardous situations. People become too preoccupied with the ruined stuff, walls, devices and furniture and the forget about the electricity. But if you step into the electrifying water, you may end up killed. Only perfume the activities that you think are safe. And don’t forget that wet things are very heavy, don’t lift them up without any help. You may hurt yourself.

After flood to do guide

If you have a small amount of water, it can be removed with a mop or by blotting. If you are facing with much greater damage or flooding, use a pump to drain the water. Make sure to remove all the wet thing from your house because later it will only be in your way when you try to clean up the mess. If you have some art objects, try to move them to a safer location because of the humidity my ruin them. In some cases, you will also need to remove the floors because they can’t be saved. The only solution is to install new ones. Open your windows and turn the air condition on maximum, it will help your walls get dry.

What not to do after the flood

Do not leave the water too long in the house. The longer it stays, the bigger damage it will make. Do not leave wet things inside. Remove anything that is affected by water. Do not use a vacuum to clear the water because the electricity might kill you. Do not plug electrical devices.